Global Neuro-Oncology Program (GNOP)

WUSM: Global Neuro-Oncology Program (GNOP)

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Our mission is to improve the care delivered for children with nervous system tumors worldwide and alleviate inequalities through knowledge sharing and global collaboration.

Outcomes for children with nervous system tumors in high-income countries have improved dramatically due to improved access to experienced neuro-oncologists with dedicated multi-disciplinary coordinated teams. In striking contrast, children in other parts of the world suffer from limited resources where pediatric cancer remains a major cause of death in children.

The Global Neuro-Oncology Program (GNOP) is designed to offer clinical education and training to prepare providers from different countries with the skills needed to manage children and young adults with nervous system tumors. The delivery of effective therapies for children with these tumors demands a multi-modal management approach with comprehensive interdisciplinary care.

To address these unmet needs, the GNOP provides structured clinical training through collaborative partnerships and regional networks. This is accomplished using a combination of virtual case conferences and in-person fellowship training.